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Our Services


We are often asked to undertake smaller jobs.  It may be  a kitchen  facelift, or repairs to some other rooms or decorating. If you aren't sure if we do it, just ask.

New fitted kitchens

We can design a new kitchen with you with all the latest gadgets you want, or just keep it simple.

We offer a complete service from design to installation.

A bar at home

Do you like to entertain friends and family? fed up with all the drinks and  the guests being in the kitchen?

Why not consider a home bar. It doesn't have to be huge or take over the entire room, unless of course, that's what you want.

Garden Rooms

it gives you a place to go to get away without actually going away, well except to the end of the garden. And it doesn't have to be a posh shed, it can be a warm and cosy room with proper chairs, not just a deckchair and upturned bucket.

Home office

With so many of us having to work from home in recent years, have you considered making it a more permanent addition to your life with furniture designed for you. It looks more professional for those high power Zoom calls.

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